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Randy has become somewhat of an international filmmaker as of late. Not only is he in post-production on the one-of-a-kind experiment - directing a feature film over Skype from Los Angeles that was shot on-location in Bangalore, India (ROAD KING) - he is also in pre-production on the mystery/crime-thriller, FROG. This film, a co-production between China and America, is scheudled to shoot in the fall of 2017 in Beijing.

An Atlanta native who, at a young age, saw the great Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live and in “48 HOURS” and realized what his goal in life was to be - watch movies and Saturday Night Live.  This constant consumption of movies and television caused him to wake up one day and say “Hey, maybe I can actually do that!”  And, some years later, he did just that by moving to Hollywood with a big gleam the eye and that eye trained primarily on a big acting career (while writing screenplays on the side). 

He has made over a dozen short films and commercials along with 6 feature films over the years, from writing and producing, to directing, co-directing and/or editing, Randy has done it all.

Kent shot his first feature film in 2002 - LIFE, DEATH & MINI-GOLF . The music-based drama was entirely self-financed and filmed in only three locations over a 14-day period. The cast of friends is noted for being the first feature film role of comedy star, Kristen Wiig.

Another Kent project, TIMMY, THE BAG BOY, is a sweet little short film that played at film festivals throughout the country and won the Audience Choice Award for "Best Short Film" at the Kern County Film Festival. The short is being used as a pitch project to raise awareness (and of course, money) for the feature version. 

In the Summer of 2009, Kent produced and directed the indie film, LIFE OF LEMON in Los Angeles. The movie stars comedian Barry Kneller, Dan Lauria, Beth Grant, Willie C. Carpenter, Rachel Miner, John Farley and Mimi Kennedy. The movie recently won a Silver Ace Award at the Las Vegas International Film Festival and is now for rent/sale on most VOD/DVD platforms.

THE PERFECT HOUSE, a co-production/co-directing deal with Gratwick Films, is now out on Bluray/DVD and on several VOD platforms. This extreme horror anthology in the truest sense of the word has racked up numerous statues including, Best Director, Best Picture and several Best Actor awards across the country.

Randy just completed 3 short films over the course of 6 months and is currently wrapping post-production on the action/thriler, SHADOW OF THE MONARCH. This independent 'Bourne Identity meets Forrest Gump' thriller will showcase some new forms of martial arts technics and will be released in early 2015.

Other projects Randy is attached to direct and produce include the indie drama about a grandfather/grandson reconnecting over PTSD called, THE SAMUEL PROJECT; the character-driven thriller, ROAD TO ROSARITO; the mystical 1980s adventure homage, THE WIZARD PROJECT; a TV show & feature film based on the mock band, DRUNK N STUPID; The medical drama, LIFE & DEATH; And the feature length version of TIMMY, THE BAG BOY.

And to top that all off, when Randy is in between narrative projects he runs the commercial production company, ZEROPOINT30 PRODUCTIONS, where he writes, produces and directs commercials and promos for smaller and bigger businesses. Clients include DIRECTV, East West Bank, Lunex Telecom, Naturalena and Seafood City Supermarkets.

Check back to his websites often for updates!!!!!